Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Jiri Cejka
    Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic
    "New Methodology for Synthesis of Zeolites"

  • Prof. Mihaela Florea
    University of Bucharest, Romania
    "Crystal Structure and Sorption Studies of a Robust Metal-Organic Framework"

  • Dr. Karin Föttinger
    Technical University Vienna, Austria
    "Adsorption Studies on Bimetallic Catalysts"

  • Prof. Miran Gaberšček
    National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana
    "The Role of Porosity in Transport of Charge and Mass: From Batteries to Drugs"

  • Dr. Jacek Jagiello
    Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, USA
    “Adsorption Models for the Characterization of Porous Carbons with Energetically Heterogeneous and Geometrically Corrugated Pore Walls. Two-Dimensional NLDFT Approach”

  • Dr. Jeffrey Kenvin
    Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, USA
    "Heat of Adsorption for Porous Materials Determined from Micro-Calorimetry and Traditional Isosteric Methods"

  • Prof. Peter Krajnc
    University of Maribor
    "Hierarchical Porosity Within Poly(High Internal Phase Emulsions): From Micro to Macro"

  • Dr. János Lakatos
    Miskolc University, Hungary
    "Gas Sorption by Coals"

  • Prof. Jadran Maček
    University of Ljubljana
    "High-Temperature Fuel Cells"

  • Dr. Ana Mladenović
    Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Ljubljana
    "The Pore Structure of Cementitous Composites"

  • Prof. Albin Pintar
    National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana
    "Environmental Applications of Heterogeneously Catalyzed Processes"

  • Dr. Nina A. Prokudina
    Expert-Analytical Centre, Advanced Complex Technologies Association, Russia
    "Gradient Porous Certified Reference Set"

  • Dr. Tomaž Skapin
    Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana
    "Metal fluoride materials with uncommonly high surface areas: preparation approaches and some peculiarities"

  • Prof. Alessandro Trovarelli
    University of Udine, Italy
    "The Role of Ceria on Pd/PdO-Based Combustion Catalysts"